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The 3 + 3 Show

In Dec. 2020 the Youlou Art Centre organized a show titled 3 +3. The Gallery invited three painters and three photographers to show their work. The names of the three photographers are: Marc Erdrich, Glendon Holder and Kingsley Roberts. The three painters in the show are Peter Providence, Amanda Frederick, and Cecile Comblen. The Youlou Art Centre is proud and excited to be displaying the work of these artists. The Centre has always focused on exhibiting visual art to the public.  One of the primary goals of the Youlou Art Centre is: showcasing artwork from local artists.     


2nd Annual Women’s Show

“Vincy” Women Artists are at the forefront at the Youlou Art Centre. The Centre is focused on encouraging and nurturing the work of local women artists and exhibiting their artwork. The second annual women’s art show took place at the Youlou Art Centre on August 15 and continued through November.  The show titled “Vincy Women Artists Now 2020”  had an opening reception on Saturday, August 15th. Ten women artists who took part in this show.They were: Lila Roo, Eniye Kagbala, Amanda Frederick, Sharleen Branch, Zen Punnett, Lee Andra Thompson, Daviana Basilio, Joy Celestine, Maureen Fauren and Kendra McNichols. This exciting show featured an array of art work. There was film, writings, photography, and paintings.    

2020 Annual Children’s Art Program

In July 2020 Youlou Arts Foundation managed to squeeze in it’s annual art program titled “Growing Young SVG Artists”. It was held from July 20 to July 31. Normally this program is held in 4 locations around the island, but this year on account of Covid – 19, it was held in one location, the Kingstown area.   The theme was “Trees”.  The children grew trees, adopted trees, made family trees and even a wishing tree. Both the  children and parents were happy with the planned activities.  It was the first time since the program was initiated in 2001, the founder Camille Musser was not physically there to help run it.  

Pop Up Art Show At Youlou Art Centre

During of June 2020 Youlou Art Centre displayed the art collection of the accounting firm KPMG.

The show was a success! There were many bids on the paintings.

Lush Show

St. Vincent and the Grenadines. (SVG)SVG known as the gem of the Antilles, gives us significant cause to celebrate and highlight it’s natural beauty. It’s green mountains with tumbling waterfalls, verdant rain forests, magnificent coral reefs, it’s active volcano and the world famous Botanic Garden, just outside the capital, Kingstown. These defining attributes of SVG are cause for creating a show titled “Lush”

Youlou Arts Afterschool Art Club

On Thursday, January 23rd. The Youlou Arts Foundation launched it’s 

latest project, an Afterschool Art Club with students from the Sion Hill

 Government Primary School.

This project has been a long time in the making. There were many 

problems to be solved to get this project off the ground.

One of the main problems dealing was dealing with transportation.  

Getting the children to and from the Centre.

 This problem was solved by having the art instructor

 go directly to the school and offer the art classes at the Sion Hill School.

There are 15 children signed up for the After school art club.

This project could not happen without donations from the 

MPB Bank Ltd., St. Hill Insurance, Bernard Hadley and Schleyer Foundation.

and the Grenadines Partnership Fund

Art Cupboard at Sion Hill school
Students at the Sion Hill Afterschool Art Club

First Ever Show of Women Artists In SVG

Vincy women artists are making waves in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with  an art show all of their own. The show, titled “Vincy Women Artists Now 2019 ” opened August 3rd at the Youlou Art Centre, Indian Bay and closes the end of February, 2020.
It is a known fact, women artists have a difficult time navigating the art world which is dominated by male artists, women artists have been neglected!
Here in SVG at the Youlou Art Centre, the leading visual arts institution in the nation, we are encouraging and nurturing women artists to show their work. It is the first of it’s kind in SVG.
The exhibition has a diverse offering of art which will engage the audiences in unique ways. The show has beautiful, interesting and thoughtful paintings done  by eleven Vincy women artists.
They are: Sherika Sayers, Tipi Punnett, Desterny Greaves, Amanda Frederick, Christine Browne, Zen Moon Planet, LeeAndra Thompson, Kareen Singh, Kate Punnett, Karen Palmer and Camille Musser.
 The majority of the paintings focus on nature and the beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
 They range from beautiful landscapes, seascapes and yes paintings of women in a tropical settings looking calm and confident. Like queens they exude power.
The women who participated in this show did an outstanding job. The Centre is happy to promote their work.
There are plans to have an annual woman’s show.
Youlou Art Centre launched roughly two and a half years ago is owned and operated by Youlou Arts Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on promoting and nurturing the arts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
The show ” Vincy Women Artists Now 2019″ is the first show the Centre has organized in it’s new location, at Indian Bay.
Centrally located Youlou Art Centre offers the public a unique opportunity to
experience local art and culture.


Youlou Arts Foundation has been offering the Textile Workshop for the second year. This workshop is offered in the afternoons during the “Growing Young SVG Artists” programme.
 It will only take place at the Kingstown location at the Youlou Art Centre from 2 pm to 4:30 pm.
It is for children ages 8 and up who want to learn the art of decorating on fabric. Children will learn basic sewing, such as sewing on a button, hemming and basting. They learn embroidery stitches, how to applique, and tie dye. In essence they learn about surface decoration. The end result is to get the children to design and create a decorated T-shirt using their newly learnt skills.

Completed T-shirt

 Art supplies used in the textile workshop




The annual visual arts programme organized by Youlou Arts Foundation, titled “Growing Young SVG Artists ” came to a close on Friday, August 2nd with a closing ceremony held at the Girl Guides Hut in Kingstown Park.

The ceremony was attended by children from 3 locations – Georgetown,

Spring Village and Kingstown.

There was great excitement at the closing ceremony. It made for a very proud moment for the children and organizers of the programme.

During the ceremony all the creative arts were on display in full force    – the visual, performing, and literary arts. The ceremony was the culmination of the two week art programme called “Growing Young SVG Artists”.  One could see and hear, what the children had accomplished during this rich and nuturing programme.

On display were the ever so colourful, beautiful coral reef sculptures created by the children. They were a sight to behold. One could see the hard work the children had put into making these projects. The Kingstown Public Library has graciously allowed the coral reef made by the children from the Kingstown location to be displayed. The public is invited to view this beautiful sculpture.

Coral Reef made by the children from the Kingstown location

Coral reef made by the children from the Georgetown location

Coral Reef made by the children from the Georgetown location

More of the Kingstown Coral Reef

Coral Reef made by the children from Spring Village

Children from the Spring Village location were inspired to learn a dance which they performed at the closing ceremony. This beautiful dance was perfect for the coral theme. One could see the joy the dancers expressed in performing their dance, there was no hesitation they exhibited pure confidence.

For 19 years Youlou Arts Foundation has been offering the “Growing Young SVG Artists” programme to the children of SVG. Each year this creative, educational programme is created with the goal of making a space where children between the ages of 5 to 12 can learn in a fun and creative way, using their hands and brain.

This exceptional programme forces the children to think and be curious.

At the start of each ” Growing Young SVG Artists” programme, information on the subject is given to the children. This can take many forms. This year the children saw a short film about coral, how coral reefs are formed and the dangers coral reefs face. There were lots of discussions and research done on the subject. The children were also  encouraged to be curious about the chosen subject.

The 2019 Programme was the third and final part of a series titled 

“From The Sea” . The series started in 2017 with the focus on whales, in 2018 the focus was on octopuses and the 2019 the focus was on coral. The children learnt about the role of coral in the environment. The role they play in our food chain and the importance of protecting coral reefs.

In each “Growing Young SVG Artists” programme, the goal is to encourage the children to do research before the actual art making starts.

This year the hands on projects were puppet making, making of sculptures using paper mache, making and illustrating a book on coral and designing a chart which depicted life on the coral reef.

Some projects required lots of drawing and painting, a fun activity, which never the less requires a great deal of focus and decision making. Children used ordinary everyday tools and supplies such as scissors, glue and string, and were able to recycle plastic bottles, and eggs crates.

The making and illustrating of books, and poetry writing exposed the children to thinking and writing which improves their reading and language skills.

The performing arts took the form of singing and reciting poems. The children were taught a song about coral which they practiced each day with gusto. The “Coral Song” written for children carefully explained how to treat coral and prevent the destruction of this animal. It was sung by all during the closing ceremony.

Poems about coral and other related things about the sea were read to the children with the idea of encouraging them to try writing their own.

 This comprehensive overview of the “Growing Young SVG Artists” programme is intended to inform the public about the part the arts play in education.

The programme is usually held in the following locations: Kingstown, Barrouallie, Georgetown, and Spring Village. For each location there is a point person, whose responsibilities are to select teachers/instructors who would work in the two week programme. A three day Teachers Training Workshop is

offered to the teachers/instructors, where they actually make the projects.

the children will be making during the 2 week programme. During this workshop discussions are encouraged about the various ways to present the projects to the children.

The point person is also responsible for ensuring the school where the programme is to be held is available; for distributing the registration forms and advertising the programme in their location. Currently the point person for the Georgetown location is Ms. Setranella Young, Mrs. Heather Stewart for Spring Village and Ms. Joy Haynes and Ms. Nadia Muckett for Barrouallie.

At this point a special thanks must be extended to the parents who chose to send their children to the ” Growing Young SVG Artists” programme organized by Youlou Arts Foundation. Reports from parents were overwhelmingly positive. They expressed amazement at the quality and breadth of the work the children were able to accomplish in two weeks. Equally the instructors/ teachers were excited to see the joy and excitement the children showed as they completed each project. They witnessed first hand the the power of art making – the building of confidence to the youth of SVG is the best thing you can supply.

Children at the Kingstown location






Camille Musser with the youngest child at the Georgetown location.

Amazing Crochet at the Youlou Art Centre

Crochet classes at the Youlou Art Centre have been a huge success. There is an excellent instructor who is working diligently with the student. The work below is from students who have taken the class.

We are constantly looking for more students. If you are interested in joining the class call the Centre at 457 4493 or Theo Saunders Shop 457 1914.