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Art & Craft Fair December 9th & 10th

An Art & Craft Fair will be held the weekend of December 9th & 10th, Saturday and Sunday. Youlou Arts Foundation will be hosting the Art and Craft Fair at the Youlou Art Centre, Villa, and will be open to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Youlou Arts Foundation has organised the Fair, which aims to encourage and support visual artists. The Foundation recognizes the impact of artists as story tellers that reflect life in the society, by capturing the country’s culture through their work.

The Art & Craft Fair will showcase the work of local artists and craft makers. There will be a display and sale of paintings by local artists. The painting production is called the “December Show” and will be on display at the centre until the middle of February.

The Art & Craft Fair will also have several art activities for children with several stations for art making using clay and paints; along with face painting.

Visitors to the Fair will be entertained by Steelband music and food and drinks will be on sale.

Join us at the Youlou Art Centre for a fun Art & Craft Fair; and maybe even take a dip in the sea just outside the Youlou Arts Centre.

For more info. call the centre at 1784 457 4493 Tuesdays through Fridays 11 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.



Evening event for adults at Youlou Art Centre! “Let’s Paint Tonight” is offering adults a chance to come to the centre to create and relax in a totally relaxed atmosphere.



Spring Village is a small town on the leeward side of St. Vincent. It is a very lush area surrounded by lots of trees and a river. The children are very keen on attending the program. This location was started in 2010 much to the delight of the parents. It is held in a government primary school. The children know the venue well. Each day they came to the program eager to be creative. They worked hard and made some amazing art.

a girl drawing on her sea scarf.

Painted Sea Scarves.

Matisse style collage

Whale tails with markings.

Children from Spring Village location on the last day of the program

Giant aquarium made by all the children

2017 Barrouallie Location

Barrouallie is a small fishing village on the leeward side of the St. Vincent. At the “Growing Young SVG Artists” program this year there was a total of  30 children. All eager to make art. They were also excited about learning more about whales and expressing themselves. There was a good mixture of boys and girls.

A very colourful fish

Seascape drawing

an unusual seascape made with fabric

Jelly Fish using string and paper

Making a collage

Paintings of seascapes


2017 Georgetown Location

The town of Georgetown on the windward side of St. Vincent had a total of 45 children. I was the largest group in the 2017 “Growing Young SVG Artists” program. This location is in a rural area. There are not many activities for the children during the long July/August school holidays. The program is a big hit in

Drawings of sea creatures

this location.

Identifying the whale by it’s tail markings.


Boy with his painting of sea creatures

Painting Sea Scarves

more sea scarves

Books made at the program

More books

Detail look of one of the Pop Up Books

Book covers on display


The 2017 children’s visual arts program titled ‘Growing Young SVG Artists” was a  success.
Roughly 140 children attended this year’s program. The theme  “From The Sea”  with special focus on whales was a big draw.The projects were fun and appealing. Children learned how whales are identified, the food they eat, the good they do for the environment and the dangers they face. All made pop up books, which of course, contained a big whale, many water colour seascapes were painted. Poems about the sea were read to the children, who had a chance to create their own poem.
 Matisse, the French painter was discussed and the children made a collage in his famous cut out style.
The textile projects were the painting of scarves which we called “Sea Scarves”. There was a weaving project which produced a mini magic carpet. Each child was given a 3″x 6″ cardboard loom and wove a carpet. While weaving the children had to think of a country far away they wanted to visit. They were asked to draw and paint themselves flying through the air on their carpet, on route to visit the country they chose. They were also required to draw and paint what they expected to see once they were in that country. It was interesting to hear which countries were selected. There was one little girl who wanted to visit Bora Bora. Needless to say we were all stunned!
There were several song about the sea which was taught to each location

Watercolour painting by a child in the 5 to 7 age group.

Villa Location
20 children attended the program at the newly launched Youlou Art Centre. There was a mixture of girls and boys. They were all excited about the activities at the program. For 3 weeks they worked steadily to complete their art projects.

one of the many Pop up Books made by the children

Busy making art

Making a Matisse like collage




Proud boy with his aquarium

Children holding the beautiful sea scarves they painted

Boy reading poem he had written about the sea.

Pop up Book



2017 Visual Arts program

The annual children’s visual arts program took place this year from July 17th to August 11th, 2017.
This year’s program was titled “From The Sea” with special focus on whales.
We started the program with the Teachers Training Workshop. The workshop started July, 17th and ended August 11th. There were a total of 18 teachers. The teachers made made all the projects which were created for this year’s program.
They had fun making the projects and learning how to encourage the children to produce the work.
Below are some of the photos from the Teachers Training Workshop.

The teachers were given a drawing of a whale's tail and asked to create a design.

Identifying whales by the makings on their tail.

Pop Up Book made by a teacher

Another Pop Up Book by teacher


2017 “Growing Young SVG Artists” Programme

Youlou Arts Foundation announces the upcoming programms scheduled to take place at the Youlou Art Centre during the months of July and August.
The popular “Growing Young SVG Artists” programme designed for children age 5 to 13 will take place in 4 locations. From July 24th to August 11th. From 9 – 12 Monday to Friday. Children in and around the Kingstown area will have a new location this year, it will take place at the newly established Youlou Art Centre Villa Beach. For more info. about the programme contact the Theo Saunders Shop at 457 19 14 or the Youlou Art Centre at 457 4493. The Georgetown programme will take place at the Georgetown Government School. The contact person for that location is Setranella Young for more info. call 432 9454. The Spring Village location is at the Spring Village Methodist School. The contact person is Heather Stewart. For more info. call . 434 3975. The Barrouallie location is Barrouallie Government School. The contact person is Joy Haynes for more info. call 528 9581

The 2017 programme is titled “From the Sea” , with special focus on whales.
A wide array of inspiring projects have been created for this year’s programme.
special projects were created to teach the children about whales and their habits. There will be some textile projects, such a weaving and painting on fabric, making collages like the famous French painter Matisse, and learning about him. Poems about the sea will be shared, with the hope of inspiring the children to write their own. Book making and learning songs about the sea will be part of the programme.

Puppet Making Workshop

On Saturday, May, 27th the Youlou Art Centre joined forces with Alliance Francaise in producing a Puppet Making Workshop for adults.

Below is a link to an interview conducted by Sean Roache.

Owen Ralph has a show at the Youlou Art Centre.  The show titled “Owen Ralph Retrospective” opened on the April 18th. The show has been up for a little over a month.

Below is a link to an interview which was done at the opening reception held Saturday April, 29th.